Get information about a company

Get information about a company

Transitioning from a sole trader or freelancer to a company comes with tax advantages and unlimited liability. Workforce Online - M&A information related to Human Resources. NewsHub - NewsHub integrates and reports headlines from the world's premiere news sources every 15 minutes. MarketWatch - Real time, interactive financial and general news. Fortune Rankings- The Fortune magazine list of the 500 largest corporations in the United States. Includes various rankings for the 500 and includes a spreadsheet file for the list that can be downloaded.

What do I need to register a Limited company via GoSolo?

NameScan provides this free know your business check by verifying the company name against multiple primary data sources from over 120 countries. If you require a more comprehensive company report, use our PAYG Know Your Business Check. Part of a form for submission to Companies House to incorporate a limited company.

Tide will automatically create a statement of capital for you when you register your company through our service. The CRO provides a directory of company names and registered office addresses. Further company information is available to account holders. Before there was such a register of limited companies (that is to say up until the mid-nineteenth century), companies could only be formed by royal charter or private Act.

LinkedIn Secrets: Identifying Companies Using Company Search

Tide is authorised by Companies House to make an application on your behalf, meaning we can set up a limited company for you. Once you’ve brainstormed and chosen your company name, simply use our search tool at the top of this page, and we’ll instantly tell you if it’s available. When you’ve settled on a name that’s available, we’ll register it for you as part of the simple four-step process. Database of AIM companies by name, sector, location, industry sector and brokers. The information available on each company includes a chart of share price movements. Free hungarian company search and primary data checking (non-realtime data).

Currently Tide will only accept names that don’t require additional documentation. Tide doesn’t currently offer the ability to send accompanying documentation, and so only phrases gsmart that require no ‘proof’ can be submitted. Useful listing of company extensions and security identifiers, with country of origin and a concise definition of company type.

About Companies House

A company snapshot is available containing the last 100 entries and you can order a certificate or certified document. Let’s first look at the information that you can access and how to search using the online service. If Companies House rejects your application, then Tide won’t be able to open a business current account for you. Yes, every UK limited company has to have at least one shareholder, and as part of your application through Tide we’ll submit you as the only shareholder.

CNBC company search provides corporate profiles put together by the North American news company. A well-prepared company profile doesn't just stop at who you are or what you sell, but rather, it documents why you sell it, what your customers think of you, how you're growing, and more. A company profile functions as a document that introduces your business to your audience -- whether that be customers, prospective customers, investors, new hires, or anyone else. You can use this company search to find the information about potential partners, suppliers, customers, clients or competitors.

SEC Edgar Database - This site provides the financial (e.g. 10-K) which public companies are required to file with the SEC. Annual reports may be found here although companies are not required to file them. The 10-K reports often contain the same information that is found in the annual reports.

Free Company Profile Templates & Designs

A useful List Builder is available allowing users to create custom lists of companies. The database can be searched by location, company name or industry sector. Current and historic information on international companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Transmitting data between systems happens seamlessly with APIs to get company information. The search capabilities are practically endless due to the API’s ability to search cloud applications and public databases. Users can interact with the API and promptly access the comprehensive data they need.

Companies House has an interface called WebFiling that companies can use to add and update their records. For example, it costs £13 to file a confirmation statement, but there is no charge for changing a company’s registered office address. Certain companies cannot use WebFiling, for example those with over 1,000 shareholders or complex share structures. The company is now a legal entity and can sail the high seas of finance confident in the knowledge that it does so with the blessing of Her Majesty’s Government. Private companies are of course not required to disclose much information, which makes private company research challenging and sometimes almost impossible. Hoxton Mix will contact you directly, however you may be asked to change your registered office address and to stop using their service.


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